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With the changing political and social envionments we have found ourselves consulting and teaching as much as building living environments. ..... New state regulations across the nation allowing Hemp / Cannabis production .... The growing awareness that soils and waterways are not waste buckets but living systems that require our constant stewardship.  The maintainence required for natures survival and ours is what we do. If you require assistance with your "Green" project please get in touch .......................  plantsir@msn.com     

Balanced nature
Mother Natures Balance
Mulch mowing contoured field

The "Green"  industry unfortunately is mostly green in name only.  Our performance in the past has been responsible for massive Nitrate runoffs, unfiltered CO2 emmisions, and many other unchecked "Green" processes.  Mega farming designed to produce ever increasing amounts of green.  Just like every other greed based Industry in America the main goal is cashflow.  Unfortunately for the American farmer, their cashflow is not part of the end result.  The majority of the green goes to the mega corporations that are building the over engineered and over priced equipment used to do the farming.  Also the giant chemical and seed companies  pushing their growing programs.  Programs that produce more needs for themselves than pathogens that they hinder.  More money spent to produce more yield to pay for the more money spent.  More chemicals to repair the damage the chemicals did.  It is a nasty cycle and its the wrong cycle.  We should be repairing the original land use cycles. The less intensive ones that have been lost to the big corporations.  The ones that help the microbial community  repair and improve or soils  so the yields increase right along with the enviroments health.  Proper planning and usage of our soils will produce more and greater yields in the end.  Thankfully many steps have been taken by our local Agricultural  Universities in the right direction.   Slowly man is realizing what is good for the environment is good for us as well.   If you want to make some "Green" changes please give us a call ................   plantsir@msn.com

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" Alternative Turfs "
Maintained turf

Our Environment supplies the "Green" foods and other necessaties for us to live as one of the many species on this planet.  Adapting to sustainable production methods is a 'Need' and should be attainable for us, hopefully before it isn't.  Aesthetic environmental issues are however  'Wants'  and should never pose a question when it comes to environmental preservation. Especially for a species that recides so high on the intelligence ladder. Every weekend 1/3 of our population wastes part of their lives worshipping the god of "Junkie Lawns".  Cutting it, spreading chemicals on it, weeding it, feeding chemicals to it.  The story of Lawns is long and it starts with some "Capable" LA's in Europe. What the American corporations have done to the Lawn is a different story and one that needs to be altred, fast. The term " Junkie Lawns " pertains to any maintained mono culture grass cover that and has no specific use other than erosion control. True uses for maintained grass turfs are Sports fields, Traffic egresses, Airport runways, etc. Turf covers that are functional. Too many "Lawns" are just for looks or a sense of ownership. There are too many attractive and functional cover crops (Lawns) that not only control the potential erosion but don't pollute or require weekly maintenance. Not to mention their potential for flowers and other attractive "lawns" available to you....... If you are interested in being Environmentally astute and improving your Landscape Re-Design, please give us a call.............. plantsir@msn.com   

  • Turf grass lawns are installed by home builders because it is the cheapest way to stabilize the soil around homes.
  • I will let you figure out how much money you waste on time, mowers, fuel, repair, chemicals, seed, services, pest control,.... each year. It is huge.
  • "Alternative Turfs" are available. They are more attrative, non-polluting, less expensive, and less maintenance.
  • Call us if you want to decrease your yearly Commercial Landscape maintenance bill by 65% or more. ................... plantsir@msn.com
  • Call us if you want to redesign your landscape and have an affordable, attractive, water table contaminant free Landscape. .......................... ......................................... plantsir@msn.com
  • About a billion gallons of fuel will be burned this year to mow junkie lawns.
  • The pollutants produced by Mower fuel burning, equals about 40X as much as in a new car. About 5% of all pollutants.
  • Each mower spews about 80 lbs of CO2 and 50lbs of other pollutants into the air yearly.
  • One hour of mowing equals about driving a new car 350 miles.
  • The chemicals you use to feed, weed, and kill the pests on your lawn are chronic toxins and may leach into your water table.
  • The nation wide chemical amounts that are subjected to our water table are tough to estimate exactly. But as an Agronomist I can comfortably say you would shit a brick if you knew.  
  • 20 Million plus gallons of fuel is spilled into the soil every year because of mowing junkie lawns.
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