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Preharvest Hemp field

Hemp Crop Services
September closeup Hemp

After decades of  Agricultural and Horticultural contracting, Custom farming, and other plant related business ventures.  CCN is now using that experience by consulting and teaching Sustainable and Organic practices to all types of Growers and Crop producers. Thanks to recent state regulation changes we have an ideal crop to concentrate our work on and instigate proper and sustainable cultivation practices.  HEMP for CBD's , fibers, seeds or one of the many products derived from Cannabis sativa / indica. We can optimize your crop and yield while maintaining proper organic sustainable practices.  Our decades of gorilla growing along with our typical agronomic knowledge has prepared us for this new market.  From Genetics to Marketing your product line our Agronomists can show you the way.

Hemp rows under plastic

Industrial Hemp Services

  • Site and Soil evaluation : Onsite and lab soil testing for elemental exchange capacities and present microbial populations are just part of our soil evaluations.  Along with field selection stratagies our soils programs are designed for Hemp as well as proper cultivation practices for maintaining healthy soils.
  • Genetic selections : Cultivar selections for your needs and growing conditions.
  • Liner production and supply: We will have liners for sale in the Spring, We can custom grow your requested liner variety, Contact us if you would like to be part of a large seed order to keep prices down.
  • Planting techniques : Cultivation practices to optimize yield. Including tillage, irrigation, row cropping, cover cropping, bracing, and other techniques.  
  • Nutrient evaluation testing : On site and lab testing to balance your cation exchange and nutrient uptake.
  • Male eradication: Drone and Hand services for males.
  • IPM : Preventative procedures to eliminate possible emergency pathogen issues at harvest.  Temperate climate procedures in House or in Field conditions.
  • Security :  Protection of your crop and income.
  • Harvesting techniques : Trimming and Curing techniques to optimize yield and minimize costs.
  • Marketing : For extraction, fiber, or flowers. We can assist in establishing your contacts for sales to dispensaries and or the end users.  

Whether Field or Greenhouse production; we start all projects with a Walk Thru.  All growing projects are specific to site and soil.  We do on-site soil or medium tests immediately to ascertain any specfic needs that you may have.  Following that we do a larger lab test of site soils to judge the entire profile.  Years of expierence has provided us techniques to design nutrient programs that we promote for our temperate regions. We strive to meet those requirements for the selected cultivars grown.  After we understand the site soils, and genetics we outline an individual program to achieve the highest yields possible.  As well as having pathogen prevention procedures outlined we are prepared for any anticipated and unanticipated pathogen issue.     
Mid summer Corn crop
Cannabis flower pre harvest
PA  Hemp Cultivar "Not Hot" List

The list above is Pennsylvania's list of not " Hot List " / Tested:CBD rich Hemp Varieties.  (4 pages)

***  The PROHIBITED Varieties are noted in column two. Do not grow these !

***  Column one is " PA Variety of Concern".

***  If you choose to grow a 'Variety of Concern' this year.  I would research your seed supplier well , requesting potency Test's (at harvest) from some growers of their seeds from last year. If you view potency tests from pre Harvest tests (eg.July -August) that are at or very close to .30% (eg .29% ). There is a good chance that the trichomes may produce excessive THC levels at harvest. Rendering the crop useless.

***  Lineage has been corrupted by unscrupulous vendors and many of the same named Cultivars differ from vendor to vendor. Which is Horticulturally illegal.     

***  Very few certified seeds (THC<.30%) are available for the 2020 season in PA and the country. Very few Certified Hemp Seed suppliers have been approved to date, due to the age of our new Industry. Its not like buying Corn or Poa seed. CCN has spent more time researching Genetics than any other Spring season prep job for our Liner production. We will have Liner's available for this season with last years lineage testing below .30%.....................

***  If you go venturing across the globe ( Netherlands, Italy, Canada, CO, KY, etc. ) for your variety selection; be sure they are applicable for your crop: Fiber, Seed, CBD.  For CBD's make sure you request as much testing info and growers reviews as possible.  And make sure tests are at or post Harvest.......... Good Luck

***  As well as supplying Liners we setup: CCN programs have Genetics research , Greenhouse design & Crop rotation practices, Cultivation practices, Nutrient programs, Harvesting techniques, Marketing schemes, and Curing / Packaging ideas for Hemp crop. We also supply Trimming and Security services. All for Cannabis and Ind. Hemp crops..........

Sea of green hemp crop

Industrial Hemp in PA

  • Before you get your permit and attempt PA's newest crop verify your market.

  • Learn the crop as it is not exactly like tomatoes or any other crop you have grown in the past.

  • See Penn State information and work shops they are a wealth of knowledge that will help you at all stages.

  • Do not expect to become rich after your first crop. Miss judging the market is not a new idea and it is one that has affected PA Industrial Hemp. And like most other crops losses are showing up for the grower and not the retail end.  This crop is here to stay but like most IPO's it did not perform as the growers planned.  Realistically it is a new crop searching for its legs and it will reward innovation and determination like all ventures. Lets try and keep the revenues and risks dispersed vertically throught the chain. From grower to retail buyer.  Lets not let the price sink only for the grower, even if your cows get to eat a therapeutic batch of silage.    

  • As growers we need to work together to keep the prices and costs affordable for all. CCN is available to assist in seeking out Markets near you and ways to Network with buyers.

  • Networking: Talk to your other growers, vendors and customers. Share information that can keep us all in better financial and environmental conditions.

  • CCN  is prepared to answer any question you may have and / or assist in your grow. We are taking orders for liners and putting together seed orders now. Call or email with any questions......................  plantsir

CCN at Shirmeadow
Glenmoore, PA 19343
610.269.1616 ph/fx
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